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Missouri Prejudgment Interest is a crucial, often confusing concept, especially when dealing with legal disputes involving damages. If you find yourself in a situation where this subject matter is pertinent, understanding its basics becomes crucial. Please note that while this guide aims to give you a comprehensive understanding, it’s essential to consult an experienced personal injury lawyer for legal advice.

What is Prejudgment Interest?

In a nutshell, prejudgment interest involves the accumulation of interest on a damage award from the date of the event, like an accident, until the final judgment. In simpler terms, it is the interest amount that accrues on your damage after a legal issue and before the court passes its judgment.

How Does Prejudgment Interest Work in Missouri?

Missouri law applies a rate of 9% per year for prejudgment interest. However, it is essential to remember that not all projected damages may be subject to this interest. For example, future medical expenses, future pain and suffering, and future income loss may not qualify for prejudgment interest. Hence, the specific factors that come into play in your case can be accurately determined by a pedestrian accident lawyer or any other specialist lawyer based on your situation.

The Importance of Missouri Prejudgment Interest

The concept of Missouri prejudgment interest serves a few key purposes. Aside from encouraging resolution of litigation, it helps ensure fair compensation for the injured party. By understanding prejudgment interest, you can better navigate the legal maze surrounding unforeseen accidents.

Ensuring Fairness

Accidents, mishaps, or wrongdoings can result in immediate financial burdens – be it medical expenses or loss of earnings. While the legal system works to rectify the situation, the process takes time, sometimes years. Prejudgment interest ensures that the victims are compensated for the financial burdens they sustained during this waiting period. This principle facilitates fairness in the legal process, prompting quicker settlements.

Prompting Resolution

With prejudgment interest, the longer a case takes to resolve, the larger the interest that accrues. Thus, it serves as a motivation for brain injury lawyer and their respective parties to resolve the case more promptly. In this way, the concept of prejudgment interest pushes for faster and more efficient resolution of cases.

How to Calculate Prejudgment Interest in Missouri?

As previously stated, the annual interest rate for prejudgment interest in Missouri is 9%. The calculation of this interest can be complex, depending on the specifics of your case. Therefore, it would be prudent to rely on an experienced attorney to ensure correct calculations.

A Basic Example

Suppose you are entitled to a $10,000 damage award from an accident that occurred two years ago. Then, the calculation would look something like this:

$10,000 x 0.09 (interest rate) = $900. This amount represents the additional amount that would be added to your overall settlement each year. So, over two years, $1800 would be added, making the total $11,800.

Do remember that this is a simplified illustration and that computing prejudgment interest in actual cases would be far more complex.

Consulting a Lawyer for Missouri Prejudgment Interest

The concept of Missouri Prejudgment Interest is a complex one, shaped by various factors and legal guidelines. If you’re dealing with a case that involves damages, an experienced lawyer’s advice will be indisposable. As mentioned in our previous article, making timely and informed decisions can significantly affect the outcome of your case.

When you seek legal help, make sure you approach someone who specializes in the area your case falls under. For example, if you’ve been involved in a vehicular accident, consult a car accident lawyer. Similarly, if you were hurt in a slip-and-fall incident, you might require the expertise of a slip-and-fall lawyer

Be Prepared

It’s always wise to be prepared. Having a prior understanding of concepts like Missouri prejudgment interest, though it may seem difficult at first, can aid you immensely should you ever find yourself in a legal dispute. Education is key, and when coupled with professional assistance, it can make navigating the complex world of law much more manageable.

Remember, when it comes to legal matters, time is essential. If you cannot reach a settlement or need to go to trial, the interest will accumulate, potentially increasing your damages. Thus, understanding Missouri prejudgment interest and taking timely action are paramount.


In conclusion, Missouri prejudgment interest is a vital concept to understand if you ever find yourself involved in a legal dispute regarding damages. It can affect the final compensation you receive, providing a measure of fairness and prompting prompt resolution. Navigate through this guide to understand its basics and consult a certified lawyer whenever necessary.

Stay Informed, Stay Ahead!

Stay informed about legal matters that concern you. From understanding the details of Missouri Wrongful Death Settlement Approval to figuring out how Missouri prejudgment works, knowledge is your best ally. Remember, the law exists to protect us, and understanding it is the first step towards ensuring justice.

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The Importance of an Attorney After a Car Accident

Given the complexity of insurance contracts, it’s not uncommon for policyholders to find themselves at a disadvantage when navigating claims processes independently. Insurers may attempt to rush you into accepting prompt, yet insufficient, settlements that fail to cover the costs associated with your accident. This approach capitalizes on your lack of familiarity with the process, ultimately allowing them to minimize payouts. Engaging in negotiations with the insurer single-handedly can be perilous, particularly when your welfare is at stake.

At Legal Referral, we adopt an entirely different approach, grounded in comprehensive investigation and a pursuit of justice. We meticulously probe into the damages you have sustained to ascertain your rightful compensation. Our commitment is hinged on fighting to secure the indemnity necessary to fully recover from your accident.

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A traffic collision can instantaneously and drastically change your life. With severe injuries, you face high stakes and may worry about how to secure reimbursement for medical bills, lost income, and damages related to the accident. Understanding the concept of Missouri prejudgment interest can be crucial in such situations.

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Navigating the emotional and physical trauma post an automobile collision can be daunting. However, it’s paramount to stay tranquil to prioritize your safety and the safety of others at the scene. Avoid moving your vehicle to prevent further damages or disruption unless it’s blocking the flow of traffic. A swift analysis of the situation and prompt action is crucial. Ascertain a secure vicinity before stepping out of your car, and contact the local law enforcement immediately.

When unfortunate accidents ensue, leading to property destruction or injuries with a value exceeding $500, the law stipulates you report it to the local authorities. This incident could range from complex situations like a crane or construction accidents to road incidences such as a car, motorcycle, or pedestrian accident. Notably, a motorcycle accident could be particularly miserable due to the potential for severe damage considering motorcyclists’ exposure and minimal protection compared to car users. For instance, factors such as tank slappers and road unsafety characteristics like roundabouts could amplify the risk, leading to undesired motorcycle accidents in Kansas City.

In the wake of a vehicular accident, identifying the at-fault party plays a crucial role. Responsibility or ‘fault’ for the incident often gets reflected in the police reports. These reports indicate the party whose actions primarily led to the occurrence of the accident. For instance, in case of a rear-end collision, the blame is generally shouldered by the driver at the back. However, it’s important to understand that the police’s initial allocation of fault does not always paint the whole picture – further investigation might tell a different story.

Insurance companies obliged the driver found responsible for an accident to bear the medical expenses of the injured individuals. Beyond covering medical costs, the injured parties have the right to claim additional damages such as lost income due to inability to work and expenses related to pain and suffering. However, the reimbursement process and the amount you get greatly depend on factors like who is at fault, the extent of your coverage and the tactics used by your insurance provider.

Experiencing a car accident tends to be a disorienting and stressful event. It’s imperative during such moments to have the presence of mind to report the accident to the police right away. Filing a police report on spot is not only a legal requirement in several jurisdictions, but it also serves as an invaluable piece of evidence if you decide to seek damages for losses incurred. The report usually includes critical details such as the contact information of drivers involved, their respective insurance details, and a brief synopsis of what transpired.

Each motor vehicle crash case is a solitary occurrence with divergent attributes. The case’s progress can swing from prompt resolution after a thorough investigation by an attorney to prolonged court trial when settlements fail. Inside and out, each progression leading to compensation requires an expert car accident attorney’s shrewd guidance. Recognizing such pivotal elements is crucial for your journey to acquiring adequate reparation.

The legal landscape surrounding personal injury and property damage claims in the aftermath of a car accident can sometimes be perplexing and overwhelming. As such, the window for filing such claims under the statute of limitations is set at five years. Affected individuals grappling with severe injuries should act swiftly and secure the services of a proficient car accident lawyer to navigate these complexities. The well-versed attorney assists throughout the process, ensuring you obtain the compensation you merit for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and even lost wages brought on by your accident. This includes making certain considerations for potential Missouri prejudgment interest.