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Motorcycle riding comes with an exhilarating sense of freedom, but for many, it also comes with an unsettling reality―the incidence of accidents. The wounds you bear after a sudden motorcycle accident in St Joseph, MO can extend far beyond the physical ones. Emotionally, mentally, and financially, the effects can be far-reaching and long-term. Luckily, understanding your rights and legal options post such an accident can go a long way in helping you gain the complete compensation you deserve.

The Scope of Motorcycle Accidents in St Joseph, MO

In St Joseph, MO―like in many urban and suburban areas across America―motorcycle accidents are more common than we would prefer. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are about 28 times more likely to die in crashes than those in passenger cars. Furthermore, they are five times more inclined to be injured.

Your Legal Rights as a Motorcyclist

Whether it’s a seemingly small mishap or a full-blown devastating accident, you may be legally entitled to full compensation for your injuries, damages, and losses. Many states, like Missouri, follow a modified comparative fault rule. This means that even if you are partially at fault for the car accident, you may still be eligible for compensation.

For instance, assume you’re 20% at fault for the accident, and your total damages (medical bills, lost wages, bike repairs, etc.) summed up to $10,000. Under Missouri’s laws, you will be eligible to receive 80% (100%-20%) of that amount—or $8,000—in damages.

However, to win this claim or negotiate a fair settlement, you must prove that the other party was at fault for the accident. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney in St Joseph, MO, can help identify the relevant facts and craft an effective legal strategy.

Legal Steps to Take Post-Motorcycle Accident in St Joseph, MO

Following a motorcycle accident, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed, disoriented, and helpless. Despite these feelings, it’s crucial to remember your legal rights and take certain steps to safeguard them. Your actions post-accident can significantly impact your eventual compensation claim.

Document the Accident

If possible, take photographs of the accident site, your injuries, and damages to your motorcycle. Collect names, addresses, and phone numbers of any eye-witnesses. A police report will be beneficial too, so be sure to contact local law enforcement immediately.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you feel fine or suffer only minor injuries, seek medical attention. Some symptoms don’t show up immediately after the accident. Not seeking medical attention can harm your health and your legal claim a great deal.

Notify Your Insurance Company

Inform your insurance company about the accident as soon as possible. Be prepared to provide them with the accident specifics, but avoid giving any recorded or written statements without first discussing your case with a motorcycle accident attorney.

Seeking Legal Help: The Importance of Retaining a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Sadly, the legal system isn’t always straightforward. Its dense language and convoluted aspects often pose a barrier for non-lawyers. That’s where a skilled motorcycle accident lawyer comes in. They use their expertise to, among other things, prove liability, calculate and negotiate fair compensation, and to ensure the veracity, completeness, and timely submission of your claim.

Negotiating a Fair Settlement

Filing a claim isn’t enough. You need to negotiate a settlement that fully covers your damages—not just your physical injuries. But to optimally do this, you need to account for all your damages, including lost income (current and future), emotional distress, disability, and reduced quality of life.

In Summary

A motorcycle accident in St Joseph, MO can have debilitating, far-reaching consequences. Thankfully, understanding your legal rights and steps to take post such an accident can help mitigate these impacts. It’s in your best interest to retain a competent legal professional to guide you through this challenging time. Remember, it’s vital to act timely in these scenarios. Delaying could cost you a rightful compensation claim.

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A person on a motorcycle was hit by a government vehicle in the accident.
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Our client was hit by a careless driver while she was in the crosswalk, causing her to lose consciousness.


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We are acutely aware of the emotional turmoil and practical challenges that an unexpected injury can impose on those affected. We understand the numerous hurdles these victims have to surmount, which, more often than not, takes a substantial emotional toll on them and triggers an overwhelming amount of stress. It is indispensable to hold the negligent parties responsible to ensure our clients receive the justice they deserve.

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The Importance of an Attorney After a Car Accident

Experiencing a motorcycle accident in St. Joseph MO can be traumatic and devastating, leaving you with unbearable pain, medical bills, and often an insurance company that may try to coerce you into settling for a minimal settlement that won’t meet your expenditures. The uncharted territory of the claims process may discourage you, but with your health and financial security on the line, you should not stand alone in the face of these insurance companies.

At Legal Referral, we strive to stand by your side, navigating through the daunting settlement process. We meticulously delve into every detail of your damages, aiming to quantify the rightful compensation you deserve for your injuries, pain, and suffering. Our unwavering dedication is rooted in the fight to secure the needed recompense to finance your recovery, and restore a level of normalcy after your motorcycle accident.

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Experiencing a vehicle collision, especially a motorcycle accident in St. Joseph MO, is an event that can drastically change one’s life in a blink of an eye. When inflicted with severe injuries, the magnitude of the situation escalates. The aftermath may leave you contemplating how to secure compensation for your medical bills, missed work, and damages resulting from the crash.

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Becoming involved in a motorcycle accident can be deeply distressing. In such incidents, maintaining a clear head is essential to your wellbeing and potential legal recourse. If a traffic disruption is caused by your vehicle following the accident, it may become necessary to move your vehicle aside. Before stepping out of your vehicle, confirm that your surroundings are secure and notify the necessary authorities.

Should an unfortunate motorcycle accident in St Joseph MO leave you injured or with $500 worth of damage or more, the law requires you to inform the relevant authorities. This requirement ensures a procedural response that may keep you on the right side of the law, yet dealing with the fallout of an accident often proves both complicated and overwhelming, and requires the right support.

Who bears the blame in a vehicular mishap defines the concept of fault in car accidents. This judgment typically relies on official police reports, which pinpoint who should bear the responsibility for the incident. For instance, responsibilities typically attributed to the motorist who hit from behind in rear-end collision scenarios. Nonetheless, it’s critical to bear in mind that the authorities’ initial findings aren’t absolute. Further examination may possibly disclose a different picture.

Accidents are unfortunate and often unforeseen. However, when it comes to a motorcycle accident st joseph mo, the complexities can increase tenfold. Assigning liability is a crucial aspect of the process, particularly when medical repercussions are involved. The driver found culpable is legally bound to compensate for medical expenses for the affected party.

If a person experiences a devastating motorcycle accident in St Joseph, MO, it is crucial to immediately file a police report, preferably at the scene. This timely action is critical as the comprehensive documentation which it provides could serve as leverage if a compensation claim is pursued. The report is expected to include insightful details such as the information about the drivers involved, insurance specifics, and a summary of the incident.

The passage of time that a motor vehicle mishap case takes depends on specific factors that contribute to its complexity. These factors come into play especially after a motorcycle accident in St. Joseph, MO, where experienced attorneys take the forefront in digging deep into the intricate details. Conducting a thorough investigation, they work relentlessly to chalk out a suitable settlement. However, if the settlement negotiation hits a roadblock, the determined lawyers take the case to court.

After a motorcycle accident occurs in St Joseph, MO, it’s important to understand the legal timeframe under which a claim can be made. This duration, known as the statute of limitations, is five years in relation to personal injury or property damage. It’s critical that victims act promptly within this window, especially if severe injuries have been sustained. A consultation with a proficient attorney who specializes in accidents should be sought as soon as possible.