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The thrill of the open road on a motorcycle cannot be overstated. Zipping through traffic and feeling the cool wind against your face is an experience that many crave. However, this exhilarating ride can take a dangerous turn when facing the phenomenon known as tank slappers. This post aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of what causes tank slappers, how to avoid them and what to do if you get caught in one. As your partners in safety and legality, we promise to give you the best advice and insight into these unexpected and dangerous incidents.

Defining Tank Slapper

Tank slappers, also known as death wobbles or speed wobbles, are sudden and uncontrollable oscillations of the handlebars and front wheel of a motorcycle. If left uncontrolled, a tank slapper can lead to a fatal crash. Want to know more? Dive into our detailed guide on tank slapper meaning to gain a detailed understanding.

What Triggers a Tank Slapper?

A number of factors can trigger a tank slapper. Most times, they are caused when the motorcycle’s front wheel loses contact with the ground momentarily, making it difficult for the rider to steer. When the wheel makes contact with the ground again, it can lead to an intense shaking of the handlebars, leading to a full-blown tank slapper.

Riding on Uneven Surfaces

The probability of a tank slapper increases on uneven surfaces. Bumps, potholes, or irregularities on the road surface can cause your motorcycle’s front wheel to become airborne. If it lands misaligned, it may induce a tank slapper.


Rapid acceleration can also cause tank slappers. Under high acceleration, weight transfers from the front wheel to the rear wheel, making it easier for the front wheel to lose contact with the ground. It is especially common with powerful sportbikes, which are more prone to pulling wheelies.

How to Control a Tank Slapper

Controlling a tank slapper can be challenging, but not impossible. The most effective way to manage it is to remain calm and avoid abrupt movements. Any sudden jerks or panic reflexes could worsen the situation. Instead, focus on maintaining a light grip on the handlebars, and progressively apply the rear brake. Want to know more about how to keep your motorcycle under control during a tank slap? Be sure to check out our piece on tank slapping

Legal Assistance with Motorcycle Accidents

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As thrilling as the motorcycle ride can be, it’s crucial to understand potential risks and how to address them. Awareness and knowledge about phenomena like tank slappers play crucial roles in your safety on the road. But even with complete consciousness, if a mishap occurs, remember you are not alone. Our team of experienced personal injury attorneys is here to navigate you through your legal rights, compensations and all assistance you might need.

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Recognizing the potential for unexpected incidents is crucial, but it is doubly important in circumstances where actions of negligence or disregard by someone else are what causes accidents. These issues signify a lack of accountability on their part. Emphasizing accountability in such cases is instrumental in upholding a safe and fair community. An example of such negligence is the occurrence known as tank slappers, which refers to a wobble that ensues in a motorcycle’s handlebars and front wheel.

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The Importance of an Attorney After a Car Accident

Insurance providers often attempt to rush victims into agreeing to swift but insufficient settlements that fail to fully cover their post-accident costs. They capitalize on your unfamiliarity with the complex legal procedures following an accident, viewing your lack of experience as an opportunity to maximize their profit margins by minimizing their payout to you. You shouldn’t jeopardize your financial well-being by facing these heavyweight insurance companies alone, especially when the topic of what causes tank slappers and the potential deadly risks they pose is involved.

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A sudden automobile mishap can instantaneously wreak havoc in your life, leaving indelible impacts. When you are left dealing with severe injuries, understanding what to do next can seem overwhelming. You may find yourself grappling with how to procure compensation for the medical bills, lost income, and other damages that followed the accident. Understanding what causes tank slappers for instance, can be crucial in building a strong case.

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Being caught up in a car mishap can stir up feelings of shock and terror. Keeping calm and putting safety first is key in such situations. If your vehicle isn’t impeding traffic, do not attempt to move it. Take a moment to assess your surroundings for safety before getting out of the car and reaching out to law enforcement. Capturing photographs of the collision site and gathering details from any present witnesses can be of great help if done safely. In case you’re injured, do not hesitate to take help from the first responders who are on scene.

Legal regulations dictate that any incident that results in damages to property or physical injuries valued at over $500 is subject to mandatory police reporting. One such instance that may lead to such disastrous consequences is brought about by tank slappers. What causes tank slappers? Such incidents are primarily prevalent in scenarios involving motorcycles, and understanding the dynamics behind them is crucial.

Who is to blame in the event of a vehicular accident is a question often addressed in police records. They usually indicate the guilty party involved in the mishap. In situations like a rear-end collision, the error generally falls on the driver at the back. However, it’s vital to understand that the initial police conclusion might not always be the final determinant of culpability, as a subsequent in-depth analysis could lead to a different interpretation of the circumstances.

Establishing liability in an accident is crucial for determining who bears the expenses related to the incident. This includes medical bills, wage loss due to time off work, and compensation for pain and suffering. However, the extent of coverage by your insurance company may vary based on who was at fault, the particulars of your policy, and the tactics adopted by your provider.

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be stressful, especially when considering the potential legal repercussions. Promptly filing a police report is a crucial step, as it provides comprehensive documentation of the incident. This document is often pivotal when seeking compensation, as it holds relevant information such as drivers’ contact details, insurance particulars, and a narrative of the accident.

Embroiled in the complexities of a car accident case? The time span to final resolution can vary drastically, influenced by distinctive elements unique to each incident. It’s important to note that the root of such incidents can sometimes be as obscure as what causes tank slappers, a phenomenon linked with motorcycle accidents. As the case unfurls after an involved investigation, an attorney specializing in car accidents might steer you towards a settlement. However, if mutual consensus is not achievable, then the issue escalates to a court trial. Both stages of this journey are crucial and demand the expertise of an adept car accident attorney for ensuring you receive rightful compensation.

Periodically, motorists find themselves amidst unfortunate incidents denoted as road mishaps. When these involve a car, the potential for substantial damage to property and significant personal detriment exists. Consequently, comprehending your available recourse and rights is critical.